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Kelulut Honey

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Kelulut honey is made by the 'stingless bee' found in the one of the oldest rainforest of the world - the Malaysian rainforest. It is 100% natural and is gathered from the natural environment. Kelulut honey has strong anti-bacterial and anti-toxin properties. It strenghtens the human immune system and activation of cells. According to scientific studies, it is twice as nutritious as ordinary honey and functions as an antibiotic and antioxidant.

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World’s foremost Superfood and The Mother Medicine for many illnesses

Our Stingless Bee Honey comes from the oldest rainforest in the world and is free from pollution, pesticides, chemical and gluten.

Scientists and researchers attest to its many health benefits. It has been traditionally used to cure many illnesses through centuries.

Our product is Halal certified from the Government of Malaysia and also a winner of Malaysia’s Prestigious MATRADE 2016 EXCELLENCE EXPORTERS CATEGORY.

Stingless Bee or Trigona Bee in Malaysia, producers the finest grade, high quality and 100% pure honey and propolis products that are rich in anti-oxidants, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. 

About Kelulut Bee

Kelulut Bee also knowns as "Stingless Bee" are found throughout tropical regions especially Malaysia Rainforest.

It tastes sweet sour and pleasant and with a boost of floral fragrances to tantalizing your taste buds. Stingless bee honey is more liquid; the high water content makes it fermentation naturally. Kelulut Honey has strong anti-bacterial & anti-toxin function, dilation of blood vessels, strengthen our immune system and activation of cells.

Last but not least, it contains natural antibiotic elements and function as antioxidant. Kelulut honey is twice as nutritious as ordinary honey, according to the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (Mardi).

About Kelulut Honey 

The honey is light in colour with delicious sweet & sour fruit taste. These honey are naturally suitable to cure illnesses through traditional treatment methods such as diabetes mellifluous, stroke, hepatitis, high blood, sleeping disorder, menstrual issues, cancer, hypertension, kidney stones, gout, cough and increase Sexual Stimulant.

Honey from stingless bees is known for its nutritional value. It is more nutritious as ordinary honey. A point of interest is that it has 16 out of 20 Amino Acids a human body has.

The honey production is much less when compared to ordinary honey. Normal honey bee can produce up to 40 times more honey than stingless bees. The average honey production by a stingless bee colony is about 350 grams to 1 kg of honey in a year. This makes the honey from stingless bees more expensive and rare. 

In  terms of nutritional value and benefit, it surpasses the normal honey many times over.

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